SuToCorp -List at Auction Japan

We will list your item in japanese market online auction mentioned below:


Please remember that we only will list your item in 1 place. You can choose where you want us to list your item.
1. Yahoo Japan Auction (biggest online auction in Japan)

The conditons and terms about our 'List Item service' will be like this:

1. You had a transaction with sutocorp or used our buying service before.

2. No FAKE or ILEGAL items (the listing will be DELISTED if your item is FAKE or ILEGAL to Japan rule, please make sure that what you want to sell is ORIGINAL (new or used) and is legal in Japan)

3. We will pay to you via paypal (In Yen currency or US$, the exchange rate will be Paypal exchange rate) AFTER the BUYER here in Japan paid the money and the transaction went smoothly (usually buyer will give us good feedback)

** If your listing don't have bidder , we will re-list 2 times.

***Please also remember that depends on your Paypal account, you will be charged some fee when receiving our payment.

Our service fee is 8 % + auction fee 10% (this fee is charged by yahoo and other online auction service, not from us) from the total price.

These are the steps :

1. Sent email with subject "request listing on japanese market" to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
, including the items information (what you want to mentioned in your listing, more details is better, and we will have to ask you to find us a SIMILAR listing and give us the link, this is to make sure we will list your item in the RIGHT CATEGORY which will make it easier for your stuff to be bought)

2. Ship your item(s) to our address

3. We will list it for 6 days, the starting price is your requested price.

4. We will process the step with the buyer and ship to the buyer address.
5. We will pay to you via paypal after the seller paid the money and the item is arrived to the buyer address.

Please read carefully our terms and steps mentioned here before you decided to use our service.

If in any case, your items don't have any buyer, we will hold your items maximum 1 months


added :
1. if dont have the bidder Will be charged 1000 yen per list item.
2. Can not set the reserved price


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